Foundry Vs is the ideal aluminum shell gravity casting’s partner.

The excellence of our work comes from an experience of over 50 years in aluminum gravity castings: in the past and now, with the same passion but with the help of modern technologies, the Foundry VS designs, produces and tests equipment castings in aluminium and alloys’s aluminum (also using metal inserts or cores in sand) in order to meet the demands of our customers.

All the advantages of aluminium shell gravity casting.

To its extreme precision, the gravity cast aluminium,  offers countless advantages and it’s used security’sector, in the rail sector and in the automotive industry and many other .Found all the advantages   and you find aluminum’s best alloy to your needs.

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Collettore motore 2,05 kg 

Triangoli superiori 1,9 kg 

Ventola 1,3 kg 

Materiale alluminio 

Hammer wich vibrates the pieces to empty them from souls in sand 

Cilindro 2,6 kg 

Corpo riduttore 3,7 kg 

Cerchio 2,9 kg 

The passion of craftsmanship and modern technology in the service of industry.

Fusion and only ever production tailored to your needs.


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