Why choose aluminum gravity die casting.

The gravity cast aluminum is the ideal solution for those wanting to produce medium and big series of pieces, especially in the case of complex parts and with difficult and elaborate structures, using shell moulding cores from the great precision.

When you choose the cast aluminum gravity die, you get better appearance than other types of production, since the process ensures good surface finish, a good dimensional accuracy and at the same time very good mechanical properties.

In fact, contrary to the processes on earth and in die casting, with gravity casting process it’s possible to reach the best mechanical characteristics through with the drainage’s treatment.

Cilindro 2,6 kg 

engine holder crossbar 0.650 Kg 

valve body 0.8 Kg 

Engine casing 2.8 Kg 

Corpo riduttore 3,9 kg 

car frame 2.4 Kg 

Ventola 1,3 kg 

Tubo di connessione 0,76 kg 

Cerchio 2,9 kg 

Pompa servofreno 1,7 kg 

Triangoli superiori 1,9 kg 

Carter cilindro 5,4 kg 

Pulegge 5,3 kg 

Forcelle 2,3 kg 

Smorzatore in zama 3,2 kg 

Corpo riduttore 3,7 kg 

carter motore kg 2,505 

Collettore motore 2,05 kg 

Cilindro 3,67 kg 

Telaio motore 1,34 kg 

The experience gained over the years and the TUV UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certification recognized globally are a guarantee of quality and make Foundry VS the ideal partner for manufacturing gravity shell. Watch and download our materials.

Consulting, design and maintenance for best results.

We offer personal advice during all stages of the design: to the choice of aluminum alloy, the type of material to build the mold (depending on volumes and successive working’s processing), to the type of heat treatment and other, we will be at your side at every times until the finished product’delivery.
We design the equipment necessary for the production of every detail and, in collaboration with our mold makers, we provide the moulds required by the customer for all  shell gravity castings’ alluminum.

We have a wide variety of controls in order to guarantee high quality of our products, for example moulds’s periodic maintenance:

  • Spectrometer for chemical analysis: NEW MINILAB 3000
  • Scales to density: RADWAG PS600.R2
  • X-ray system for radioscopy: BOSELLO SRE 80
  • Microscope: UNION
  • Lapping machine: REMET LS1
  • Durometer for hardness tester (HB): VEB
  • New Automatic sawing machine TECNO 1ST/A with PLC

Aluminum alloys used in our manufacturing gravity die.

The choice of alloy to be used during melting of aluminum casting in gravity shell depends on the intended use of the pieces produced. From alloys of aluminum and silicon, zinc alloys up to pure aluminum alloys, we offer a wide range of possibilities to find the best alloy for your needs.

Aluminum/silicon alloys

Al Si 5 Cu1 Mg EN AB 45300
Is the most suitable for the fabrication of alloy castings with good mechanical characteristics and pressure tightness. Susceptible of reclamation, is perfect for both hydraulic pumps and compressed air for engine blocks.

Al Si 9 Cu1 Mg EN AB 46400
Is the most widely used alloy for the fabrication of castings for automotive use with high pressure seal. Susceptible of heat treating, it’s used for automotive components, valve bodies and connecting pipes.

Al Si 7 Mg 03 EN AB 42100
Is the choice for the production of castings with high mechanical characteristics and pressure  tightness. Susceptible of heat treating and complies with standard EN 601, legislation food is the best choice for the production of security products CF1, motorcycles’components, automotive chassis’components and components for railway lines.

Al Si 10 Mg EN AB 43200
For its good mechanical characteristics and its good pressure seal, this alloy is recommended for the realization of the sumps, stands and engine heads and transmission cases.

Al Si 12 EN AB 44100
Is the most suitable alloy for those cases that require a great casting for the realization of thin-wall castings. Susceptible to annealing and compliance with the standard EN 601, legislation food,annealing and Food,it’s the most widely used solution to products that don’t require high mechanical strength but good values’s elongation,as in the case of railway lines’s components.

Zinc alloys

Zamak 13 (Zinco-Al 3.8/4.2-Cu <0.03)
Is an alloy widely used for applications requiring an excellent casting for the realization of thin-wall castings,like the railways and the textile industry’s components. It’s not susceptible of heat treating.

Alluminum pure’s alloys

Al 99.8 (ALP 99.8 UNI 3950)
Is the alloy best suited for applications requiring exceptional elongation qualities and high electrical conductivity, like  the railway lines and the heat sinks’s components.. It’s not susceptible of heat treating.