The areas of application of cast aluminum shell gravity casts.

The aluminum castings in gravity is able, in any industry’processing, to keep punctual delivery and the high quality of the finished product.

Premium & Automotive

The aluminum shell gravity casts finds its highest expression in premium and automotive’sector, through the production of valve bodies, connecting pipes and sumps designed for some of the most renowned manufacturers



The casting in gravity shell also include the supply of special security, such as the frame, forks and steering triangles, on which it is possible make, on demand from the customer, a X-ray control and a 100% testing control.

railway's sector

Railway’s sector

For the railway sector, the aluminum shell gravity cast allows the realization of pulleys and terminal boards of high quality and maximum reliability, such as those produced by Fonderia VS for the Italian State’s Railways.

Cilindro 3,67 kg


The casting in gravity shell applies in motorcycle industry,through the production of high-performance,it use in rims and forks, circles and cylinders’production with delivery times adapted to all needs.